October Market Venues…..

It’s been a busy few weeks in the studio and I’m pleased to announce lots of new pieces will be appearing at my stall over the next few weeks and all the way up to Christmas.

BrisStyle Indie Market – inside City Hall, King George Square Brisbane






THE OLD SAMFORD CHURCH HALL Corner Samford Road & Camp Mountain Road Samford

Samford Church


King George Square – Twilight Market (Indie Market)

Friday October 24th  5pm to 9pm




The Mini Design Market

Stones Corner Saturday 25 October 9am till 3pm

Mini Oct

You can keep upto date with the latest studio work on Instagram – pattiemurray_ceramicartist

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Market Dates:


Sat: 20 Sep      –  BrisStyle City Hall   9am to 3pm

Sat: 11 Oct       – BrisStyle City Hall   9am to 3pm

I love this time of the year with lots of markets, which means lots of new people to meet and value customers to see. If you’re in the city any of these dates do call at the BrisStyle Markets, the home of the best artists/crafts market in Australia and it’s right on your door step.




To market…

It’s nearly the end of the school holidays and what better way to round off the break than a visit to the BrisStyle Indie Market – City Hall, Brisbane and enjoy some morning tea at the Shingle Inn…

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July 12


I dropped off some buttons and brooches to The Hub at Caboolture today. It’s a brand new complex which is excellent for showcasing the visual arts. There’s several galleries, conference rooms, workspaces and a gift shop showcasing the region and they run regular workshops as well.

Below is a little joint creative creation my hubby helped me with a display board for buttons and brooches.

I’m now the proud owner of two of these and they work via a magnetic strip under the black hessian and a small piece of magnet on the back of my brooch card.

The brooches are an extension of the buttons. I liked the idea of adding the clasp and having the textural element of the linen sewing contrasting with the porcelain.

There is really no need for the stitching, it’s purely decoration. I do make some without stitching, but I prefer the button look and feel this is unique to me.

New pieces and turning a bowl…

I thought I would share some shots of my little bird tea bowls and beakers:- 

The tea bowls and beakers are wheel thrown. I start by wedging the clay and then cutting it into pieces for either tea bowls, beakers or bowls etc (I have a different weight for each piece).

When I first started throwing I was advised to weigh my clay into 500g balls.This is a good weight for beginners. I continue this process still in the studio. 

The other thing I try very hard to do is keep my clay recycling down. Clay recycling ‘what’s that!’. Well I suppose it’s all the bits and pieces trimmed or cut on wheel thrown or hand-built pieces.

Below I have a picture of a bowl freshly thrown on the wheel. (It’s pretty clean as I don’t use a lot of water when I throw).

Below a close up of the same bowl’s interior….

Once thrown the bowl is lifted off the wheel and placed on a flat board and covered for 2-5 days, depending on the weather, to stiffen up a little before turning…..

Once dry enough to hold its shape, it’s flipped over and put back on the wheel to trim the base of the vessel.

See the rough edge….

Above is the bowl freshly trimmed or turned. Next to the pot are the trimmings or clay for recycling. That goes into a bucket to collect and be re-wedged into another piece.

Studio News….

Today, was a big day in the studio. I’ve been finalising the first pieces for ‘Vitrified’  so they can dry and be fired ready for shooting pics for the promotional material for the exhibition in November. 

I made two more batches of coloured clay for my new button range – now an orange and lemon shade to add to the blue and pink.

Some wheel work and some test pieces for a tableware idea that’s been simmering at the back of my to do list for many years now… more of that in a later post.

I have included a photo of a plate from a new range I introduced this year.

Below is a sneek peak of my 2012 Christmas Tree decoration. Each year I design a new piece to add to our family tree. This little tree has been in the planning for a while now. I drew several different styles before I settled on this one. I used my paper drawing as a template to make this little one and now he will be the master for hand cutting this years range. It takes longer than using your everyday cookie cutter, but it ensures that each of my little tree has it’s own personality and is unique.  

Hers’s a little picture: –

The Christmas Tree will be decorated and I will be able to share photo’s later this month.