Market Dates:


Sat: 20 Sep      –  BrisStyle City Hall   9am to 3pm

Sat: 11 Oct       – BrisStyle City Hall   9am to 3pm

I love this time of the year with lots of markets, which means lots of new people to meet and value customers to see. If you’re in the city any of these dates do call at the BrisStyle Markets, the home of the best artists/crafts market in Australia and it’s right on your door step.





Find Me at……

The Mini Design Market               9am till 3pm

The Mini Design Market is located in the Comonos Arcade, 281 Logan Road, Stones Corner. A bi-monthly event showcasing handmade creations by jewellers, painters, leather workers, ceramicists, crafters, fashion designers, sculptors, hand made furniture and more. No imported items are on display.


It’s all about supporting local artisans, buying local and buying truly handmade!

New Work Feb 24 400

Hope to see you there….have a great day.

Individually handmade porcelain vessels to enrich the everyday.

Sneek peek….

What a beautiful day today, lovely and sunny. I started the day early (as I was looking forward to opening the kiln). It was a quick cuppa and down to the studio. I have included below some pictures of my new coffee cups inspired by my mushroom sculptures…….






and for the last picture… red (anything generally looks great in red in the kitchen, don’t you think?)




There’s also pink, however the orange had a bit of a disaster and decided to stick a little to the kiln shelf (not particularly impressed as the orange vase did the same thing. I’ll have to reassess that one). Which is a shame as I rather like orange.

I’ve also made some vases and plates in similar colours and patterns. 

Sunday I hope to sneak to the studio and get onto some more as I would like some for my kitchen. I think they will brighten up winter dining this year, which prompts me to think I should do some bowls for soup. Hmm, I think I will have to put the dots on the inside of the bowls.

The cups are finely thrown, fired to 1300 degrees which makes them strong and durable and as they’re handmade, warming to the heart and soul.

That’s it from me as I need to finish packing for tomorrows market.

Have a wonderful Friday from me.

Bottle tags return….

These little gems were very popular when I first started my online store with Bluecaravan in 2010. They went very well at the night markets in the city and sold out at the Finders Keepers market in Brisbane.   

I’ve decided to reinvent them and release a new collection just in time for Mother’s Day 2014. The style has changed slightly, and the colours are new, but the handmade quality and durability remain the constant. Handmade from Australian Southern Ice Porcelain and twice fired, with the second firing to 1300 degrees, there strong, dishwasher safe (please remove the ribbon) and sure to be well used and loved.


I’ve just finished colouring a first run and am excitied to see what they look like once fired. They’ve just been loaded into a bisque firing. This won’t be able to be emptied till late Thursday, early Friday morning. Then they will be glazed and ready for their final firing.

DEBUTING AT THE BrisStyle Indie Market – inside City Hall Saturday 10 May, 9am till 3pm.

If you would like to pre-order some for collection at the market, please just send me and email. Further images will be available next week.

Fresh beginning….

After a sustaining breakfast of bacon and eggs and an easter egg hunt for the children, it was straight into finishing the studio. 

With the painting finished late yesterday, today was spent cleaning up and rearranging everything. I’ve gone with a completley new layout. 

Here’s some photo’s…..


Everything under wraps for the sanding and painting stages…


All the shelvings back in, the kilns back in its spot, the benches still not sorted yet. (The feature wall has been painted using leftover colours from other rooms in the house, red from the study and and purple from my daughters room.)


Bisqued pots covered awaiting decoration before glazing and gloss firing.  I can’t believe how tidy it is.  

Final shot from outside the left front window of the studio….


I finished off the front two benches, cleaning the wheels and mopped my way out the door….all finished, I’m really pleased with it and a big thank you to all the family for helping with it.

Have a great Easter Monday and enjoy any chocolate delights you may have received. I was lucky enough to receive some delicious gluten free dark chocolate coated macadamias from the Noosa Chocolate Company, yummy.

Home ….

The blog has been a little quiet lately and I am sorry, I’ve had my head down working hard, testing, mixing new colours for the work.


The new series is based on my notion of ‘Home’. I think my favourite saying is “Home is where the heart is” a quote attributed to Pliny the Elder (a Roman Author). Our homes are personal spaces and we can be very selective about whom and what shares our personal space. For me I would love a Queenslander on an acre and the must have rustic old timber barn to use a studio.

Here’s where it gets sticky ….. our homes are personal and we can choose what and how the inside looks, unfortunately circumstances and life in general means that the outside generally doesn’t truely reflect who we are. So, I feel you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover or a home by it’s outside. People make the most of their opportunities and their Homes and these new pieces are a tribute to the places we call Home.

The varied homes I have chosen to depict on the new pieces reflects this and some of the quirkiness our homes can have.

Little House

My next market is tomorrow inside City Hall 9am till 3pm, and I need to get packing! I will have the first pieces fresh from kiln at the BrisStyle Market tomorrow. Hope to see you there. I will post some further photos as the series develops.

Market Map:

Microsoft Word - MAR 8_2014_ City Hall Site Map.doc

City Hall Sat 8 February….

I’ve just kicked off a gloss firing that will be ready for this Saturday’s 1st market of the year. I’m really looking forward to it as City Hall is such a beautiful setting for the market. Stunning architecture with ceilings that go on forever, old world charm with the best handmade market in Australia.

Etsy 21 Sep 034

I’ve signed up to be at all the market dates below:


Once I have the site map later this week I will post where you can find all the lovely BrisStyle Marketeers and me.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing you Saturday.