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I can’t believe we are in the last third of June. With the colder weather, pots are taking that little longer to dry, I’m started this week putting boiled water from the jug in my¬† throwing water (trying to stop … Continue reading

New work update…..

Teapots are challenging to make well. It’s a balancing act of function, design and imagination. Function – ensuring the spout pours well. When you fill the teapot the water doesn’t come streaming out the spout. The handle is comfortable and the teapot is balanced to hold and pour, and that’s before you even get to any quirky design additions. The whole process just spins around in my head like a slow playing movie reel trying to keep it all the elements together. Then, there’s the added challenge that I’m using Southern Ice Porcelain

I had a special order over Christmas for a teapot and here’s some of the photographs I took before decorating and bisque and gloss firings.


The body was thrown, then two spouts and lids made. All were on a boards and allowed to get to a soft leatherhard stage. Attachment and refining of the additions. The handle was made, let firm up, then added. The teapot was then wrapped in 3 layers and dried very slowly over 3 weeks. Then I applied my design using the tradition Mishima process of drawing into the clay, the adding colour and wiping back. Another couple of days drying and into a bisque firing (15 hours), cooling of kiln 24hrs, the teapot was glazed and added to a gloss firing (22hrs), cooling of kiln 28hrs. Open the door and it’s ready. This is why a when I’m asked for a special order, it can take 4-8 weeks depening on the item and at what firing cycle I’m at in the studio. I don’t run my kiln other than when it’s full.


teapot 2