Well, here’s a little about me. I’ve always wanted to work with clay and print since I was around 10 years old. I didn’t manage to get near it until into my 20’s. Other than a few handbuilding classes I started at Tafe in 1997 in a general do a bit of everything ceramics course. One of the major skills learnt was wheel throwing. I purchased my first kiln and wheel within 2 weeks of starting the course and the rest as they say is history.

In between having my children I have completed a Diploma of Visual Arts – majoring in Ceramics and Printmaking.

To be honest I can’t stop working with clay as it’s part of me, which sounds kinda strange, but true.

I live and work from home in the northern suburbs of Brisbane. Where I’m very fortunate to have my own seperate studio space.

Currently my favourite claybody is Southern Ice Porcelain. I’m working on several methods of decoration at the moment including print.

I have a love of history, nature, maps (Matthew Flinders my favourite explorer) and looking out the window. Looking at life in detail facinates me.

You can find me at most BrisStyle Markets throughout the year, the Brisbane Finders Keepers and I’m a member of the Australian Association of Ceramics.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Patti
    Hoping you might be interested in having a stall at our Halloween festival on Blackwood street Michelton.
    Please email if interested and I’ll supply details.

  2. Hi Patti
    Love your post and it is obvious you love this medium. I have been searching everywhere trying to find a teacher as I would like to learn how to sculpt and work with clay. Do you give classes or know anyone in the Northern Sububurbs who does?
    Thanks for any assistance you can provide,

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