Fresh beginning….

After a sustaining breakfast of bacon and eggs and an easter egg hunt for the children, it was straight into finishing the studio. 

With the painting finished late yesterday, today was spent cleaning up and rearranging everything. I’ve gone with a completley new layout. 

Here’s some photo’s…..


Everything under wraps for the sanding and painting stages…


All the shelvings back in, the kilns back in its spot, the benches still not sorted yet. (The feature wall has been painted using leftover colours from other rooms in the house, red from the study and and purple from my daughters room.)


Bisqued pots covered awaiting decoration before glazing and gloss firing.  I can’t believe how tidy it is.  

Final shot from outside the left front window of the studio….


I finished off the front two benches, cleaning the wheels and mopped my way out the door….all finished, I’m really pleased with it and a big thank you to all the family for helping with it.

Have a great Easter Monday and enjoy any chocolate delights you may have received. I was lucky enough to receive some delicious gluten free dark chocolate coated macadamias from the Noosa Chocolate Company, yummy.


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