Bottle tags return….

These little gems were very popular when I first started my online store with Bluecaravan in 2010. They went very well at the night markets in the city and sold out at the Finders Keepers market in Brisbane.   

I’ve decided to reinvent them and release a new collection just in time for Mother’s Day 2014. The style has changed slightly, and the colours are new, but the handmade quality and durability remain the constant. Handmade from Australian Southern Ice Porcelain and twice fired, with the second firing to 1300 degrees, there strong, dishwasher safe (please remove the ribbon) and sure to be well used and loved.


I’ve just finished colouring a first run and am excitied to see what they look like once fired. They’ve just been loaded into a bisque firing. This won’t be able to be emptied till late Thursday, early Friday morning. Then they will be glazed and ready for their final firing.

DEBUTING AT THE BrisStyle Indie Market – inside City Hall Saturday 10 May, 9am till 3pm.

If you would like to pre-order some for collection at the market, please just send me and email. Further images will be available next week.


Fresh beginning….

After a sustaining breakfast of bacon and eggs and an easter egg hunt for the children, it was straight into finishing the studio. 

With the painting finished late yesterday, today was spent cleaning up and rearranging everything. I’ve gone with a completley new layout. 

Here’s some photo’s…..


Everything under wraps for the sanding and painting stages…


All the shelvings back in, the kilns back in its spot, the benches still not sorted yet. (The feature wall has been painted using leftover colours from other rooms in the house, red from the study and and purple from my daughters room.)


Bisqued pots covered awaiting decoration before glazing and gloss firing.  I can’t believe how tidy it is.  

Final shot from outside the left front window of the studio….


I finished off the front two benches, cleaning the wheels and mopped my way out the door….all finished, I’m really pleased with it and a big thank you to all the family for helping with it.

Have a great Easter Monday and enjoy any chocolate delights you may have received. I was lucky enough to receive some delicious gluten free dark chocolate coated macadamias from the Noosa Chocolate Company, yummy.

Great image…


I think I need a big one of these for the wall of my studio!  There’s so many of these and they all capture something perfect.

The studio is almost up and running again after the cornicing has been completed Wednesday. A new purple feature is being added and hopefully I can unveil it to you by Monday.

Have a Wonderful Easter, take care if your travelling and best wishes from me.


Two Create Aratula…..

This beautiful Boutique retail outlet now stocks some of my work. The lovely Tanya and Angela own and operate the store and have it set up beautifully. I was delighted when they approached me to be part of their artistic community.


There’s plenty of gorgeous gifts to tempt the most discerning buyer of handmade, together with gifts for everyone in the family. I picked up a stunning gift for my daughter’s birthday (she doesn’t read my blog, so it’s still a secret…shh).

Located on the scenic Cunningham Highway at Aratula (it took me about 90 minutes from the northside of Brisbane) also you should call at the local antique & second hand ware stores and finished the trip with lunch at one of the very popular cafes. 

The store isn’t open on Wednesdays.




Well, the April market was great, I met lots of new friends (like the lovely Madonna) and had a visit from lots of lovely customers. A big thank you to everyone who dropped by.

Here’s a photo from the day….(sorry it’s a bit blurry)

2014-04-12 09.07.49 It was wonderful to have so many visitors up for a chat and enquiring about how the work is made and decorated. I could talk about clay all day…just ask my family (occassionaly their eyes do start to glaze over).

They do however, love using the bowls and plates I’ve made for them and these are the first to be used at meals. I can normally tell who’s had breakfast by which bowls are left on the bench.

This past week has been very busy finishing of some glazing/decorating and running a gloss firing, I had to rearrange the extension part of the studio as Hubby’s trying to finish the last bit of work – the cornice!

Friday I packed for Saturday’s Brisstyle’s City Hall Market and Saturday was spent in at City Hall. An early start, everything was going well until my son kindly went for coffee for me and I ended up spilling it all over me with my cloth handbag taking the brunt of it. Luckily I wasn’t wearing white (which I had planned too!). It was dark denim jeans with a dark floral top, I don’t think too many people would have noticed.

Sunday was spent unpacking.

Well….I better get on, Í’m doing some alterations to my Etsy shop and then it’s down to the studio for some new pieces….Have a wonderful day wherever you are….my family’s on school holidays so I’ve got everything ready to make some lovely potato and leek soup for lunch.