November Market dates…..

During November you will find me at the following markets:-

Friday 01 November –  Albany Creek State School – Twilight Market

ACSS Market


Sunday 03 November – Young Designer Markets – Southbank

fk 2013 2


:: simply gorgeous local handmade ::


November 9th 2013 :: 9am – 3pm

Ground Floor, Brisbane City Hall, Ann St Brisbane City




What is it or should it be?  ……………….  I really struggle with this question and it causes me some serious turmoil. (I’ve been wanting to write about this for a long time. I write it…then reconsider and delete the post).

What I believe (my personal opinion) Something handmade is made by hand (seems pretty simple). Okay, here it divides slightly. I handbuild pieces using a rolling pin to flatten the clay and knives to cut and my hands to shape and smooth joins. Yeah, I think that fits.

Wheel thrown work was traditionally formed on a kick wheel using human energy, now potters like me use electric wheels. Still formed using the hands and skill built up over many (many, many) years – okay.

Now we get into the murky area…..slip casting. (What’s slip casting I hear?) It’s when a mould is made of plaster of a form (the form can be anything, for instance a glass bottle) once the plaster is dry, hundreds of bottles can be made from that mould, and very quickly. Mould making is symbolic of the Industrial Revolution and mass production methods.

So, here’s my issue – should items made using Industrial methods be classed as Handmade?  I know my thoughts – please let me know yours….

bottles 2

Handmade Bottles


a mould being made slip bottl

Finished product

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy products made from a mould, I just don’t agree that they should be called handmade. (Now I’ve said it. But that’s how I feel).

I suppose it’s like my lasagne I make from scratch, it’s handmade. If I bought one at a local italian deli and they had made it from scratch…it’s handmade. If I buy it from the supermarket and it’s packaged – is it still handmade?

I’m thinking this is all grey and I’m happier when some things are more black and white!

Passage exhibition wrap up…..

This is the last post regarding our ”Passage” exhibition – with a review I received and a couple of extra photo’s.

Sandra and I at the Gallery….


And here’s the review I received this week from artist Sharon Linley Sutcliffe……

It was lovely to meet you yesterday at your exhibition ‘The Passage’.  Mum and I enjoyed talking to you about your work and were amazed at the beautiful leaf shapes and tiny shells you had created.  The subtle colourings of the glazes appealed to me.  There was a feeling for the natural world that came through the work and at first we could not distinguish it from an actual shell or leaf picked up off the sand.

I admire the vessels and their relationship to the water, both the ability to physically hold water and the imagery on the surface of the porcelain.  In the visual placement of the vessels, looking from left to right, there seemed to be a gradual increase towards the centre, where a height was reached, then a diminishing again.  To me this was a beautiful, simple representation evocative of the tidal flow.

The combination of Sandra’s fragile and delicate handmade paper, with the printmaking of natural  objects that could wash up on a beach, worked really well with your ceramic pieces.

I hope the exhibition goes well and that all your effort and hard work is recognised in the community.  It was really good to be able to see this show in a local gallery!

  A close up of the suface of one of the vessels in the series Tidal Flow


Passage is open at The Hub Caboolture until November 2nd

Gallery Hours:

Invite Back

King George Square 18 October…

The first of the Christmas markets is finally here….Friday night 5pm till 9pm King George Square, Brisbane with 72 stallholders.

This is the second last night market for 2013, the final one is on 13 December.



Perfect for something original, handmade and beautiful for that special friend, relative or loved one.


Hope to see you there!

Exhibition photos…

Here’s some pictures from the exhibition today –

the Gallery window view


 Our collaborative piece – ‘Passage’


Artists Book I


Above are some of the works on show at The Hub, Caboolture until 2 November.

The coffee shop is great for lunch, coffee and sweets.

Sandra and I would also like to thank everyone who visited the Gallery today to view the exhibition and for their positive response.

Exhibition Open…..

Invite Back

Postcard Front

During October 2013, I am exhibiting with fellow artist Sandra Pearce at the Caboolture Hub (part of the Moreton Bay Regional Council Gallery network).

Our theme is PASSAGE. My work ceramic pieces illustrating the movement and energy of tidal flows. The piece I have used to represent the tidal zone include vessels, small sculptures, wall pieces and artists books.   While Sandra’s is centred around the emotional cycles within the tidal zones. Sandra has used botanical plant papers, threads and text. 

Come check out our collaborative piece ‘Passage’ that flows from the ceiling to the floor.

Join us on Saturday October 12th when both artists will be at the gallery from 10am to 3pm.

Thé cafe isn’t open this Saturday, but please come along and visit there’s a local coffee shop nearby to fufil your morning caffine hit.


I love a cuppa and it’s better if it’s brewed in a pot…’s one I’ve been working on over the last couple of days…


It still needs a little work, but that will have to wait until it’s a bit firmer .  Teapots are tricky at the best of times but throw in the fact it’s porcelain and it can double the trouble!

First thing to make is the teapot body, then  a couple of spouts and a couple of lids. These need to sit covered together for a day or so to firm up, then they can be attached to the body. Once the spouts on adjustments are made to the lid with the best fit, then it’s time to add a suitable handle. Handles can be either on the side or over the top of the lid.

The attachment of spouts and lids is really a balancing act to see what best suits the body of the teapot and is also in proportion to the body.