Finders Keepers….

The next Finders Keepers is on:  Saturday 6 July and Sunday 7 July

at:  The Old Museum, Herston


I’m working hard on new pieces for the market and look forward to seeing you there.


Brisbane City Hall Market…

I’m excited the market has finally arrived…a disaster along the road hasn’t stopped my enthusiasm…

Here’s the market layout…lots and lots of stalls to see:

Microsoft Word - MAY 11 CITY HALL BIM_ SITE MAP

The disaster…with the Studio extension came some re-wiring and moving of the kiln. I kicked the last firing off late Wednesday….as per usual….after the firing late Thursday afternoon I checked the temperature which should have been around 1100 degrees….it was 300 degrees. Hmmm…is it the kiln or the wiring?

Oh well….I’m moving on….still packing and getting ready for the market and hopefully some time to throw some more pieces for Finders Keepers in July….

Hope to see you at the markets…pop in and say hello…I’m right near The Shingle Inn…

I’m looking forward to a hot chocolate and hopefully a yummy gluten free sandwich.