Next Market Date…..

Well…the next market is quickly approaching and I’ve been busy making new pieces….Drying time has slowed with the slightly cooler weather…but I’m powering on…

See you at: City Hall, King George Square – Saturday 11 May 9am till 2.00pm ….

It will be amazing to finally see inside City Hall and to be complemented with all the beautiful BrisStyle Market Stalls.

Drop in and say hello, a great chance to pick up a beautiful handmade gift for Mum just before the big day 12 May.


Images of…..

some pieces from my new colourful range…


plates after final gloss firing…


What a difference the glaze makes to the piece….I’m testing out some base colours that I’m going to add hand drawn/painted images to. It’s time consuming but lots and lots of fun.

This plate was painted on with underglaze and some drawn lines added with pencil….here’s the before and after shots….

plate drawing


The test is really to determine what strength of line works, how sharp certain images appear and the affect of the glaze over the drawings….hmmm…I better get back to packing for tonights market at Spencer Lane – this musing will have to wait until tomorrow….



To market …. to market….

Well the kiln was opened this morning and I have taken some shots to include in my Finders Keepers application…..


The Poppies (after glaze firing)

Here’s a sneek peak of a new design on a tall vase. The piece has been drawn on and water etched prior to firing.


Water etched porcelain

The lighting isn’t too good on the shot. I will need to improve this image later.

Studio news: the plastering is complete and the undercoating has commenced….I should be able to move my shelving in on Saturday…..I’m really looking forward to organising the space.

Right now it’s time to get organised and packed for the “Spencer Lane Arabian Nights” market tomorrow in the city – 4pm till 10pm……Drop in and say hello….the food should be amazing, so why not treat yourself to a wholesome meal out.


slowly…I finished painting the floor of the studio extension yesterday. The colour is called Abbey Road … Hmm…thinking I might need to add a pedestrian crossing down the middle! Not that I was ever into the Beetles….the first song I remember loving on the radio was Helen Reddy’s I am Woman.

The plastering has started…..and is currently drying….it can be sanded later today and touched up….then 24hours after this it’s ready for painting. The good news is painting of the walls should be able to commence on Wednesday – yippee.

I’ve just turned the kiln on for a gloss firing. This should be cool enough to open Wednesday night at the earliest. I have quite a few test pieces inside, so I’m keen to see the results.

Here’s a test plate…..

plate drawing

I’ve used black and white underglaze colour together with black line drawings (made with a special pencil I made). I’m looking forward to seeing how the firing impacts on the pencil marks.

I’ve been working on my own colour pallette of watercolours and pencils. It’s a slow process making and testing, but once it’s complete I’ll have a vast range to use.

I’m off to clear some space in the old section of the studio…..and have a little clean up so I’m ready when I can spread out into the new space.

New work…..

I’m busy painting and glazing pieces for my next firing (and keeping out of the way of hubby working on the studio extension)…’s a couple of new bowls which will be perfect for the Arabian Nights – Spencer Lane, Brisbane – Friday 12 April.



and some pieces for Finders Keepers…..


I’ll re-post this tea bowl with a copy of the finished piece after gloss firing. This will show how much a piece changes in the kiln. What you see isn’t always what you get…


is in short supply as I’m fast running out…..the new space is tangible…but I’m still not allowed to move in. The window needs to go in (that’s where the gap in the wall is). Still to do: plastering, cornices, painting (walls and floor) before I can add work benches and display cases…..I can’t wait.

Now that the space is enclosed I can really see how it’s going to work….and I’m keen as mustard to spread out and use every little bit of new work space.


The photo’s are taken from the front of the studio looking back into the new space.

The timber framing you can see is my shelving unit.  Umm…it was full a few days ago….a problem when I had to move it all and take it apart for the wall to be removed….it was all in the garage on every flat surface until Monday.

There’s bits here, there and everywhere……I’m still working in the area in front of the mess. I don’t know how…..

(The kiln was moved to its new spot on Monday and I ran my first bisque firing in the extension.) I suppose that means I’m officially using the space!

Spencer Lane….

Arabian Nights will burst open with colour and spice with local artisans, live Middle Eastern music and flavoursome Moroccan burger-style catering, hot mint tea and Kasbah coolers from the laneway’s multi-award winning restaurant Urbane. Come and celebrate the laneway’s history and share your ideas for shaping our city centre’s future. Presented by Brisbane City Council and the U.R{BNE} Collective.

When:   Friday, 12 April | 4 – 10pm

See you there, latest details at: