Twilight Market…..

Albany Creek State School

Twilight Market

Friday 2nd November 2012

6 to 9pm @ Grayson Hall

Entry only $5 per adult…Kids free

Over 50 stalls

Stalls for all the family

Raffles and prizes

Food and drinks available

Great family night out!


Vitrified III….

 Some more pictures of pieces being made for Vitrified…

                                  drawing and etching complete

and more pieces after a bisque and gloss firing….

                                        fitting the pieces together…

Back to the Studio….

Market 24 August….

What a fabulous night Friday at the Twilight Market – King George Square….

Here’s a photo of the stall taken by a friend…..

A big thank you to all the lovely marketeers that called by the stall and participated in the survey.

I was giving away 2 Christmas decorations to 3 lucky winners. All you needed to do was to vote for your favourite Christmas decoration colour RED or GREEN. 

The winners are:  Jane, Ja and Richelle.

The vote went:   Red had 33%  with Green 22%   and  Both  45%. So, it looks like I will be making some of each colour for the next Twilight Market on October 26. Looking forward to seeing you there.

The prizes will be posted out this week.


a potters best friend…

I’m going to share the best advice I received as a ceramic student….

‘a hammer is your best friend’…

As a new student you make lots and lots of pieces and any that you get fired will be around to haunt you for eternity. Especially if you happen to give them to family and friends. The one thing that archeologists always use to date historial sites is the ‘pottery’.

Our throwing teacher was never in a hurry for us to start keeping the pots we threw…as she would always say…once it’s thrown and fired there is no return…that piece will be around for eternity to haunt you. 

I’m ruthless with quality control of pieces and once they have been made and fully dry…..I check them and if I’m not happy they are broken up and recycled back into a workable state. This is better than having it come out of the kiln and my hating it and having to smash it up.




This is my first kiln….I bought it in 1997 when I first started learning how to throw….

It is a top loading kiln…(I didn’t have a clue how to use it when I bought it…but knew with research and  questions I would get there….and I did.

and here is some of my work fired in this kiln….

I decided in 2010 to update the kiln with a temperature controller…but couldn’t find an electrian to do the work. So I put the kiln up for sale on the Australian Ceramics site…and went about sourcing a replacement with what I needed. On Friday I had a call regarding the kiln being for sale. Wow.   

Dave checked out the kiln on Saturday. He is new to firing, just as I was when I purchased the kiln in 1997. Today, Dave called back and collected the kiln and it was taken away today….I was a little sad to see it go. But the extra room is really great in the studio.

The feel of handmade…

I was turning a bowl today and looking at the form and line (as I do) and I thought I should share why I think a handmade bowl is so special…..

A handmade bowl is made by one pair of hands for another pair of hands. At the markets I always encourage customers to pick up my pieces and take a moment to see how they feel (or fit).

I was looking at a leading brand bowl today and I know how uncomfortable it feels in my hand. It’s something that I will use but choose to leave it on the table not cradle it in my hand (as I do my handmade cereal bowl).

The rim and foot on the mass produced bowl are uncomfortable in the hand.

It might sound a light daft, but once you get the feel and have handmade around you the appreciation and small everyday pleasures come through.

Twilight Market 24 August….

I’m finalising pieces for an upcoming market at King George Square 6pm till 9pm. All the BrisStylers will be hoping for a fine night, as this year the night markets have been plagued with rain.

Some plates drying on a kiln shelf. Nearly ready for the first firing.

I spent today handbuilding and rotating pieces under plastic trying to hurry up the drying process. 

Tomorrow is some throwing, making some buttons for an order and turning some throwing from early last week if it’s dry (cross fingers) and starting to pack the kiln.