The Hub……

at Caboolture is a brand new arts precinct on the northside of Brisbane. The complex was built by the Moreton Bay Regional Council and it houses several galleries, a library, creative studios, conference rooms, rooms for hire, workshops and a vast program covering all arts areas.

more info at: 

Today, I delivered my Expression of Interest to hold an exhibition as part of the 2013 program. This is with fellow artist/friend Sandra Pearce.

The exhibition is to titled ‘Passage’ and explores both artists interpretation of the inter-tidal zones within the Moreton Bay Region.

We will find out our fate late August early September…..fingers crossed.


Ambifair Markets August 5th

My next market is at:  Ambiwerra Sports Fields, Erinvale Street, Corinda  10am till 4pm. There is food stalls, entertainment and over 44 craft stalls 

I will have jewellery (rings, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bangles and brooches), tablewares, buttons, bookmarks, hairclips, bottle tags and decorative hearts.

                                           new bookmarks with porcelain decoration

Porcelain pendant on cotton cord

Porcelain Bottle Tags

Work has been drying slower than normal lately and I was happy yesterday to kick off a bisque firing. The kiln will be cool enough to open tomorrow morning….Then I will be busy decorating and glazing. I should be ready to put the kiln back on for a gloss firing Wednesday.

Tea bags…

A good friend needs a new vessel for used tea bags. Here’s the old one….

I didn’t want to try and replicate the piece and decided to do my own modern interpretation. This is my version so far…

I added a piece of blue coloured clay the side which folds over the rim. Clay isn’t drying very well with this cold weather and this one won’t be dry for another 2 weeks.

Once the piece is dry and been through a bisque firing I’m going to add a blue floral tissue and clear glaze. I will post a picture of the finished piece in the next couple of weeks. (I think a matching small porcelain spoon with some coloured clay will work well with this pot).



Studio news…

I was flat out in the studio getting pieces ready for two upcoming August markets. I have included today a photo of a new bud vase design. It is based on my favourite tree ‘the Boab’. I love the shape of the bulbous shape of these trees.

I have been busy making lots of different coloured clays lately….three were ready today so and I made up some test pieces to see how the colour is progressing…..

black, brown and pale pink

I have one more photo to share today. I was hurrying downstairs with my camera to take a shot of the bud vase……

it was around 5ish as the light was fading and the studio was a little beakon in the darkening sky. I took this shot to share with you. I hope you like it.

Lots of paperwork to see to tomorrow and sewing of buttons onto card before I can get back to the fun studio work.



market wares…

Today I thought I would share some photos of new works launched this year at the BrisStyle night markets. The next market is scheduled for: King George Square on August 24th – 6pm till 9pm .

This button pattern is also featured on cufflinks.

These little doves normally appear at Christmas…but this year I have made a range that celebrates that special someone in your life….whether that be your Mum or a best friend….These little doves are hand cut from a master clay pattern I designed and this means each one is a little different from the next. I am careful to decorate each dove differently…they each have their own personality.

Also this year I launched a range of earrings….here’s a sample of ‘little owls’….

These little fellows are loved no matter what they appear on… bookmarks…

A busy day ahead in the Studio tomorrow getting pieces ready for the upcoming market.